DartBoard Maintenance Tips

Use led lighting to avoid immoderate lighting fixtures of your dartboard


Yet again digital dartboards absolutely aren’t suffering from lighting due to the fact they’re made from plastic. You don’t need to worry about light damage with electronic dartboards.


A critical difficulty with bristle dartboards is lighting, more in particular what form of light they’re getting and what kind of it.

If you have your dartboard setup with a few led lighting fixtures you’re fine. The ones won’t motive any harm for your board no matter how long you leave them on for.

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The problem is if you have been to apply a few “spot” lights, the ones tend to be a chunk stronger so that they reason the colors at the dartboard to become worse over time. They will additionally motive the board to “dry up” which makes it more susceptible to damage.

The top here for pleasant lighting fixtures dartboard protection is to apply led lighting, that way you don’t ought to worry approximately it and you could go on ‘bout your enterprise.

There are many special sorts of led lights all over the net, you may pick which one works great for you. now inside the Most important time a quick fix could just be to ensure you switch the lighting off whilst you are don’t playing.

Winmau, one of the high end dartboard makers in the international, also recommends that you maintain your dartboard in a groovy dray region. This will help optimize dartboard life.

Preserve your dartboard far from water


Something that influences each sorts of dartboards is water. Electronic dartboards are as a good deal liable to damage from water as bristle dartboards if not greater.

Winmau recommends you preserve your dartboard in a dry cool region. That looks as if a realistic recommendation for electronic dartboards as properly.

I endorse you keep them in a dartboard cupboard that way there’s less changes of a spill in the off threat that you have your board in a social vicinity like the living room or a bar.

Ordinary this is a pretty not unusual sense difficulty. Simply be cautious of liquids round your dartboard.


There is a massive false impression that water is sincerely appropriate for bristle Dartboards, permit me make contributions to the elimination of that fable.

Water does now not assist with your bristle dartboard renovation, in truth it’d purpose damage for your dartboard. the tip for keeping your dartboard with water is to keep water far from it.

To move a bit into detail, water reasons the sisal fibers on your dartboard to extend, which makes the dartboard shinier. however if you placed an excessive amount of water then it will become a trouble, the sisal fibers will cut back and become unfastened, in order to Make it more difficult in your darts to stick to the board.

That is wherein the false impression about putting water at the dartboard comes from, because making use of a touch little bit of water the right manner can certainly make your dartboard finer if it’s far lacking moisture but too much and it’s going to damage it.

The overall dartboard upkeep tip for dealing with your dartboard with water is to keep it away from water.