Go Kart Driving What Is The Risk?

Go kart driving is one of the closest things racer-wannabes can get to experience the thrill of Formula 1 racing ground-hugging and road-scraping turns at hairpins complete with the thrill of the final stretch for the checkered flag. The thing is that whether youre driving a go kart for pure racing exhilaration or for simple driving enjoyment, there are still risks involved. After all, youre essentially sitting on a 4-wheeled vehicle with no roof and an open motor located either at you back or on your side.

Go karts may be fun to drive, but they can be exceptionally dangerous, too.
Thousands of individuals seek medical attention all over the world annual because of go-kart accidents. Majority of these go kart-related accidents are centered on injuries to the extremities and the trunk with blunt-force trauma to the abdomen being the leading cause of hospitalization. Go karts can run at amazing speeds.

It is important that when purchasing a Kart that you talk to a reputable supplier about safety aspects. Ignore these, and you may well regret it and even be placing your life in danger.

Unfortunately, sudden braking or collisions can propel the trunk in a forward movement, hitting the steering wheel. The reason for such injuries is quite simple. There are no protective mechanisms that will help prevent the transmission of impact forces into these parts of the body. Plus, the unusual positioning of the body relative to the different parts of the go kart further increases the risk of blunt-force traumatic injuries.

There are also no protective coverings on the engine of a go kart. It is fundamentally exposed and that any wrong move on the part of the rider can easily turn into burn injuries. In some cases, the chain that helps turn the axles and make the go kart run can catch stray fingers or even dangling clothes. Countless victims ended up in emergency rooms with their fingers severed.

While go karts have a relatively wide and stable wheel base plus a very low center of gravity, you might think that it will never flip over. Sadly, how many You-Tube videos have we watched in horror when a go kart driver suddenly felt the need to send his kart flying through the air like some crazed acrobat only to realize that he didnt do it on purpose? And how many hapless spectators were turned into an instant catchment bed for this flying death trap?

Most go karts dont even have seat belts since installing one simply defeats the style that is inherent in go kart racing. Many casual riders dont even bother wearing basic safety gear such as protective pads, helmets, gloves, suits, and even the appropriate shoes.

We can go on and on listing, describing, and explaining the different risks involved whenever you decide to get behind the wheel of a go kart. The point of the matter is that all individuals who really need to get behind the wheel of a go kart should have undergone a comprehensive training on go kart safety. Spectators should also be protected from these fun but dangerous vehicles. Perhaps more importantly is changing our attitude about the belief that there are no risks involved in a fun activity like go kart driving. This has to change.