Laws Hoverboard Riders Need to Know

Hoverboards are fun to use especially outdoors. Some riders have made the board as an integral part of their daily commute. Unfortunately, many are probably not aware that they are violating the law. Many states and cities have laws against the use of hoverboard in public. Others regulations restrict the kind of riders allowed to drive the board on the streets.

Those caught violating the law can expect to pay a steep fine. In order to avoid any legal entanglements, hoverboard riders need to know the exact rules that cover them. It’s also important that parents are aware of regulations especially if their children will ride it out on the streets. Here are some the laws that cover hoverboard drivers in most states and cities.

Riding in Restricted Areas

Many states and cities have laws against hoverboard riding on public streets and roads. The rule was meant to keep hoverboard riders, cars, and pedestrians’ safety. Before venturing on your hoverboard, see to it that the law allows you to ride on the roads and street. Riders who defy such laws are subject to fines.

Failure to Wear Safety Helmet and Gear

Many hoverboard riders like to go out without even a safety helmet on. This is actually against the law in most places. It’s also not safe and the risk of serious injuries is more than likely. Riders caught by the police are liable to pay a fine.

No Lights While Traveling at Night

Traveling at night on hoverboards is difficult. But riding without any lights makes it more dangerous. Riders cannot see very well where they are going. At the same time, other vehicles will have a problem seeing them. Those caught have to pay a fine since they pose a considerable threat to public safety.

Underage Hoverboard Riders

Parents should know that there’s a law against underage hoverboard riders out on the street. You could expect to pay a fine if your kid is caught and he or she is under 12 years old. Children over 12 but below 16 years of age can ride the hoverboard but only under supervision. If caught unsupervised, parents are liable to pay the fine for the violation.

Riding Over the Speed Limit

Many hoverboards have a speed of less than 20 mph. Still, many local authorities have imposed a speed limit on hoverboards. The speed limit varies but it’s usually below the top speed of many boards. Going over the mandated speed limit will result in a fine. Failure to give way to pedestrians is also a violation in some places.

Riding While Drunk

Driving while under the influence of liquor is against the law in virtually all states. Hoverboard riders are not exempted from this law. If you got caught, expect to pay a fine and possible jail time as well. Riding the board requires concentration which is why you don’t need a cellphone to distract you. As a matter of fact, people caught using a mobile phone while driving their boards will have to pay a fine.

States and cities have enacted rules with regards to the use of the hoverboard and behavior of the rider. You only need to respect the law so you can ride the hoverboard hassle free.