New Year’s Eve Party Favor Planning

When planning for your next New Year’s Eve party, don’t forget to budget for party favors! What? Yeah, you need to present your guest with finger foods and liquor until midnight, then make sure everyone has a glass of bubbly for the moment the clock strikes 12. And now you need to buy party favors as well? Well, there isn’t a law dictating that you must buy things for your guests. But, it is a tradition for New Year’s Eve parties. If you are in charge of this year’s blowout bash, this article will help you plan properly.

It might help your anxiety level if you consider buying New Year’s Eve stuff that is straight out of the discount bin at the local party store. This means that a 10 cent kazoo or a 50 cent plastic trumpet will do just fine. Paper hats are always popular on New Year’s Eve and go with everything from ripped blue jeans to tuxedos and evening gowns. Everyone looks great in a paper hat. You do not need to go all out with the supplies as most of them will get destroyed anyways.

Is there a name for those small, bottle-shaped paper gizmos with a string that you pull, making a few long strands of confetti fly across the room? Last I knew, there was a name for everything, except for those things. And then there are a series of noise makers that always make an appearance on New Year’s Eve. Type in noise makers in a search on Google and you get blow out paper noise makers that include a buzz-sounding, kazoo-like noise and include a rolled up paper tongue that lashes out and recoils when you blow, then stop blowing”. Nobody bothered to name those things either, so were stuck with blowout noise makers, I guess.

And then there are siren rings, also desperate for a shorter name. These were sold in most candy stores back in the day. Now you can find them in practically every party store in the world. They were plastic rings with a shell around a small fan that made a weird whirling sound when you blew into them. Always good for a laugh and perfect for a lot of laughs this New Year’s.

To get really creative, go all in with a popular tailgate or backyard game. Corn hole boards, Frisbee games and beer pong tables work well if you live in a warm climate or have plenty of room inside. It may be tough to play a “backyard” party game on New Year’s Eve if you live in cold, snowy Canada. However, if you can make room, playing games like beer pong are a great way to liven up any festivity, regardless of the holiday. If you don’t own any party games, go buy some or just contact your friends to bring theirs.

One key thing to note is that you should never ever cross boundaries and bring sports noise making toys to a New Year’s Eve party. Very uncouth. Don’t you know anything about party favors? This is just not done in sophisticated circles. You may be dismissed and sent home or to your room if you are already at home. In some countries, bringing a sports noise maker to a New Year’s Eve party is punishable by 10 year’s imprisonment. Of course, that’s not true, but if I were in charge, it would be.

Actually, the crime is taking party favors seriously. This article is the exception, of course. Just a few things for you to think about before getting wild and crazy at the end of the year.