The Difference Between A Hoverboard With Small And Big Wheels

When shopping for a hoverboard, you can easily get confused with all the tiny details like wheel size. These specifications, however, can really have a huge impact on your riding experience. This is why understanding wheel size and its importance can help with your purchase.

There are essentially three wheel sizes available: 6.5-inch, 7 to 8-inch, and 10-inch. However, there are also 4.5-inch ones that are made for kids. These boards have however been discontinued so it is rare to find new 4.5-inch hoverboards in the market nowadays.

6.5-inch Wheel Hoverboards

This is the most common wheel size out there and is also the most popular among customers. This wheel size is also appropriate for riders weighing between 65 and 220 pounds (or 30 to 100 kilos), so it can be used by everyone in the family.

This is the best size for hoverboards to be used indoors because they can easily maneuver in tight spaces with some obstacles. However, the size of these wheels will also be limiting, as it is better on smooth and flat surfaces. If you are lighter, you will get a better ride on these hoverboards but you can get stuck when riding over grass. The base can also get easily damaged when the terrain is uneven.

7 to 8-inch Wheel Hoverboards

These models are naturally bigger than the 6.5-inch ones and because of this, they are more stable. They also have a higher pad level, plus they have a better foot base for older users. These models are also the best for those who want to use their hoverboards outdoors a lot and if they have more weight.

Another advantage of these models is the slightly higher speeds because of the larger wheels. This comes at a price, unfortunately, as they tend to be bulkier and heavier than those with 6.5-inch wheels.

10-inch Wheel Hoverboards

These models have been designed for off-road use, ensuring that you get a smooth ride whether you are climbing steep hills, cemented pavements or brick roads. Thanks to the bigger wheels, the impact is better absorbed and your knees and spine will thank you after a rough ride.

Even if you are riding in very rough roads, you will not fear having any tire punctures as they have tube tires that you can replace. On the other hand, a huge advantage is that they are understandably much heavier and more difficult to carry. Moreover, you will need to keep tire pressure frequently, depending on the rider’s weight.

Buying Guide

While the 10-inch wheel hoverboards are the most flexible, you can expect that they are also pricier than the 6.5-inch models. This means, unless you specifically want to go on off-road rides or live in places with steep or uneven roads, you might find it unnecessary to invest a lot of money on these boards.

For most ordinary users, especially those with children, the 6.5-inch hoverboard will be enough for leisure purposes. You might even consider a 7 to 8-inch model if you prefer to ride a hoverboard going around the city or if you are a bigger person requiring more stability.